As Spiritual Adviser & Spiritual Teacher I assist in:

-The Deepening of Self Awareness

-Furthering Spiritual Knowledge & Psychic Wisdom

-Opening the Door to the Mind’s Potential

-Insight & Foresight into Future Possibilities

-Creating a Bridge Between your Dreams & your Reality

-An Alternative Way of Thinking , Feeling & Living

-Changing your Reality by Creating a Different Frequency

-Using Problems as Stepping Stones to Prosperity

-Freeing the Self of False Masters & Becoming Your Own True Master

-Knowing a State “ Joie de Vivre “

As Learned from The Speakers, Entities who live in a conceptual universe,

or alternate reality, in the field of spirituality & self development.

For over 35 years I have been dedicated to servicing as spiritual adviser as well as spiritual teacher, as psychic reader at personal & group levels,

assisting in the relief of suffering  at all levels of the person, bringing harmony,  personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

You can reach me at:

Spiritual Adviser & Spiritual Teacher